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Thursday, February 2, 2012

new event system

I hate the new event system and some people may like it im fine with that and even to the people that hate it im going to show it anyways:

now u can choose language thats cool but the thing i dont like about it is thatthey took away search bar and now u can waste hundereds and thousands of gummies trying to make an event that wounds up getting deeleted by itself before it publishes....

Tiger is Back and guess what im making him the mascott ur gonna be seeing alot of him ;D

new snowman rooms pink/blue

New snowman Rooms im guessing nobody was expecting this. But like always pico always throws in surprises...

here are the two gachas for the pink snowman and blue snowman 

the complete item for both of these is a full body snowman costume!! im definaltey going to play that one :D 

well like always pico also includes a shop and here it is 

To be Honest i really dont like the pink items but the blue items really seem like must get items!!


Hey guys i think i know what u wall want from this blog more news about ameba pico and i want u to know that from now on im gonna be posting things about everything thats new in ameba pico stay tuned because this is comming in the next post

Happy Birthday Gift from me :D

Well Guess what guys my birthday is coming up on Tuesday, 2/7/2012 YAY YAY IM SO FREAKING HAPPY SO HAPPY IMA EXPLODE well any ways to celebrate im gonna give you guys a like to any youtube video of your choice or any subsribe to your youtube channel or blog ok thanks guys hope you guys like the like ;D .


(this isn't my cake BTW i coppied from Google images)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Block Made Soldier

that is the soldier like thing I made in my room (in please respond in bottom of post if you think this is funny,interesting and or cool)

Room Photo Contest       1/19/12 - 2/10/12

Hey Ameba Pico people I know some people have been waiting for a new contest well here it is!

Ok, so this contest is obvious and simple all u have to do  is take a picture of yourself in a room you think looks cool. Isnt that simple.okay, so when your done with the pic click save too computer

<------- thats how it should look

(just an example the picture IS NOT soppose to be about a cloud)

send the picture to my email which is   <<<--- if u click my email it will send u directly to send me the email with picture

OKAY, i bet this is the part you all want to know the prizes!!

1st place wins: 20 food 2 props and 2 rings for a week and a chance to be featured on this blog

2nd place wins: 10 food 1 prop and 1 ring for a week and a chance to be featured on this blog

3rd place wins 5 food 2 props (not for a week) and 1 ring (not  for a week)

good luck to you all and remember the email to send it to is:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Look at the Cabin i made in my house on ameba pico what do u think??